How to Make Money with a Blog

make money from blogging

If you are a blogger than you are well aware about the efforts and the time that is put forth by you to build an interesting content for the visitors. It hardly matters whether your blog is technical, travelling, parenting or any other area of interest. The main purpose or the goal for writing any type of blog is making money from your content. Below listed are some of the ways that will help you to make money from blogging through monetizing it. These practical tips will surely help you to build better strategies.


One of the best and most powerful ways to monetize the blog is through running advertisements on the page of your site. One will get paid easily through the number of clicks on the banner and the time the ads are getting displayed. Depending upon the behavioral targeting Google Adsense will display the ads on the web pages. Advertising is a good way but it won't work unless you have number of visitors for your site. There are many other alternatives available for Google Adsense as PopAds and Propeller Ads

Now a day's people are using software that hides all the advertisements. This is making the advertising with Google Adsense a difficult job.

Direct Advertising through Banners

There are many bloggers who promote their own product through the banners. They can also promote the product or services of an advertiser also. If you are not willing to display the Google Ads then displaying the advertisements through banners is the best way to make money. Advertising space can be directly sold to the advertisers and they can be charged per thousand impressions of the advertisement.

Positive Feedback for a Product

It is indeed human tendency to have a look towards the user reviews and then buy the product. No matter the product is offering with very limited feature but a good review about the product will compel the visitors to buy it. There are many people who earn in bulk by just posting good reviews for the online products. If there are many visitors visiting your site than definitely this will work wonders.

Publicizing your Services through Blog

Blogs can also be considered as a great platform for marketing services. There are people who are earning in thousands through their freelancing work. If you have the knowledge regarding writing content or any technical knowledge, than there are people who will definitely pay you for your knowledge. This will require your dedication and the way your work is presented to the people. Blog is the best place to market your abilities and to promote the services.

Affiliation Program

There are many online shops that offer affiliate program to website owners and accordingly pays commissions if a sale is generated for them. There are bloggers that will turn to programs like Amazon Associates and such program will reward them by driving the traffic to the appropriate market place. According to me Affiliate advertising will need constant efforts and time.

Maintaining a list of Email

Email can be considered as an effective way to reach the effective audience. This can be only achieved if you get more email subscribers for your site. Landing pages and call to actions are the ways to divert more traffic to your site and the conversion rate from them is really high. Be smart to use wise words for call to actions such as "Grab your opportunity" instead of just subscribe. Show your presence on social media to engage more people. It will really work!

I hope this article for monetizing a blog was helpful to you. The above listed are just few methods and there are many methods that will help you to attain the results. It can be considered as the first step to reach the goal. Feel free to share your thoughts on this.

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