2 Oct 2017

How to Increase Traffic using Google Plus

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Google Plus is one of the social medium which will be used to drive traffic to your blog. It is interest based social network. Google Plus is gaining attention among user by using distinctive and similar functionalities offered by other social medium networks.

Google plus has a feature called "+1" votes which is similar to Facebook's "likes". User will give more "+1's" to your pages bases on its quality. It is a social signal which will indicate to Google that what you're sharing is being read and shared. Consequently, Page rank of your blog is enhancing by Google. It will give a significant impact on search results in order to improve web traffic towards your website/blog.

How to increase your blog traffic

1. Create Google plus profile page

It should be plain and simple. Profile shall include a concise introduction about you and your occupation. Other key things to include on your profile page in order to increase website traffic are: website URL, YouTube URL, contact info, and any other additional links to drive them back to your website.

2. Create eye-catching posts

Google plus allows you to text formatting facilities that will help to create eye-catching posts. How to exploit text formatting in Google plus to your advantage?
  • Give your post a title and make it bold.
  • Bullets always help the readers to scan through your post and see what it contains
  • You can use the bold text again to give a clear call-to-action for your readers.
One showing is worth more than hundred saying. Google Plus also allows you to use blog graphics to quickly catch the attention of potential readers.

3. Enhance the visibility and lifetime of your google plus posts

You might have neatly formatted text and attractive info graphics on your posts, but if users didn’t see your post, you will fail. “Hash tags” are used visibility and life span of your blog pages. Judicious usage of hash tags will enhance the reach of your posts and thus more traffic. Google plus has a fantastic feature of adding hash tags for you based on your content.

Actionable thoughts

  • Use hashtags relevant to your industry/profession
  • Use the Explore feature of Google Plus to know what is trending.

4. Increase your engagement on google plus

Here are some tiny steps to increase your engagement on google+

Make Your Text Stand Out

Post shall have a title and make it bold and enclosing it with (*) asterisks. Underscore is used (_) at the beginning and end of the sentence to make it italicized. Special symbols like '+' or '@' are placed at appropriate place to grab attention. Readability of your content is enhanced by appropriate usage of line spacing and paragraph breaks.

Choose Pictures

Google+ is a highly visual platform, so include photos, GIFs and videos to make your post appealing and encourage interaction. When you post an image, choose one that has vibrant pictures with bright, eye-catching color contrasts.

Ask Questions

Blog posts can engage with audience by asking questions. Asking a question opens dialogue, and encourages a response. It is one of the simplest, most straightforward methods to encourage conversations.

Post at the right time to get maximum attention

Posting the right content at the right time can make the difference between getting lots of valuable comments on your post and clicks on your links or no engagement at all. Your visitors and followers prefer using social media sites during specific hours. So if you start sharing your content when your users are on these social sites, you’ll not only gain more shares, but you’ll also notice an increase in traffic.

5. Stay active on google+ communities

Communities are groups of members. They are used to share a common interest like "Gaming", "Education", "College Football", etc. There are numerous active communities in Google+. The active member of popular communities will exceed more than thousand. Taking part in active role in communities can help you strengthen the credibility of your Google+ page and expand the reach of your posts well beyond your own network of followers.

6. Thematic contents /collections

You can collate contents based on specific theme and share it with users. Users can share their freewheeling thoughts to you. It will facilitate you to strengthen your bond with your users. It can provide a thought provoking idea.

7. Add google+ buttons to your website

Google+ as a two-way street. You shouldn't only promote your site by adding links to your Google+ page. Your page will yield far better results for your brand if you support it by adding Google+1 buttons to your website. Use the "Follow" and the "+1" buttons in various locations to increase visits and followers rate. The more action you get on your page, the higher the chances are that Google notices it.

8. Embed comment and plus one in website

Google+ Share button is the best way yet to benefit from Google's myriad social-media services and all-important search-engine.

Google+ badge is similar to a Facebook Like or Share button or a Tweet button of Twitter that you enable beside your content, to help your audiences or visitors like and share your content among their circle. It enables your user to follow you directly and get connected with your business page or profile just with one click, from your website itself.

9. Get influencers to share your content

Midas touch is required to climb up in profession. Influencers shall have a lot of followers in their circle. Your post will have a lot of attention if your content good enough to get a comment from influencer. It gives a lot of visibility for your content and your personal brand. Create content that gives a highly regarded brand or someone influential free publicity.

To put in a nutshell, Google + is attractive medium to engage with your followers and grow visibility among the peer group. You can create some kind f personal branding through your blog posts. Ready to use the giant killer Google +.

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