Google Adsense Approval Tricks Before Apply

google adsense approval tricks

One of the best blogging ways to earn good money from Google AdSense. It is one of the most trusted ways among the people by showcasing their talent for writing. Google AdSense publishes the ads and works according to the pay per click. Google AdSense hardly accepts anyone randomly who is applying for the account. There are certain basic conditions that one needs to check before applying for the AdSense approval.

Steps to approve your Google AdSense Account easily

User Experience and Design of the website

A website with a clean and good design which provides with a very good user experience increases your chances to be approved by Google AdSense. This may include typography, color scheme and easy navigation of the site.

Mandatory Pages

Before applying for the Google AdSense, it is very necessary to include the About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer Policy, Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy Pages for your site. These pages give the sense of professionalism and a good business.

Quality of Content

It is very important to write a good quality post that is freed from grammatical and punctuation errors. Also the content written should be unique and also free from plagiarism. This will definitely attract more visitors to your site and the account will be approved by AdSense. The site should have the maximum content with complete details. Tips: How to Write Good quality content?

Verification by AdSense

According to the terms and conditions of AdSense the applicant should be at least 18 years of age. One should add the correct age while applying for the Google AdSense account. It is also very important that the name and email address is mentioned on your site which proves that you are a real person and not a spam. This is the best way for the verification process by Google.

Avoid Third Party Ads

There should not be any third party banner or ads before applying for the AdSense account. Also avoid putting any affiliate links until the program is approved. The content that is displayed should be of the quality standard with limited widgets.

Stay away from Copyrighted Images and Contents

Google AdSense will never approve a blog that contains images or contents that is copied from some other source. One should keep the copyrighted law in mind and write the content that is purely unique to attract the visitors.

Using a Custom Domain

It is always recommended to apply for the account using the root domain instead of a sub domain. Use a short and easy domain for your site with a premium extension. This makes it SEO friendly and also a better ranking for the search engines. Tips:How to choose domain name for your blog?

Loading Speed

Site loading speed is one of the most important factors to get your account approved. For this you will have to have a clean design that will take less time for the site to load.

Prohibited Content

Don’t write the content that deals with gambling or alcohol related content, violent or adult related text. Such contents are illegal and are never approved by Google AdSense. So avoid violating Google AdSense terms and conditions.

Age of the Domain

The blogs from India and China should be at least 6 months old to get it approved. People of these countries should have to wait for this time duration to get their accounts approved.

The above mentioned are some of the tips to get your account approved easily. Ones the AdSense Account is activated, the Google ads will appear on your site. Let us know if you have any suggestions regarding the AdSense approval. Also feel free to contact us in case of any more suggestions and feedback. Happy Blogging!

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